Reduction Measures

It is clear just how much we can lose because of pollution. Reducing it must be a priority if we are to avert a bleak future. This requires coordinated planning from the top and strong enforcement at the bottom. For example, governments can issue high standards for car manufacturers and fuel companies to lessen air pollutants. They can make it mandatory for owners to have their cars checked for emission compliance before license and registration renewal. Factories may be required to undergo random visits by health and sanitation inspectors. Waste products could be recycled instead of being thrown into landfills.

Once pollutants are in the environment, it will be difficult to remove them. Cleanup calls for massive resources. It will be more cost-effective if we can prevent them from getting out into the open. Most of the problem is due human activities such as mining, manufacturing, and transportation. It is also up to us to control them. If we can devise ways to limit our impact on the environment, then future generations will inherit a better planet.