Tips and Strategies – Craps Pros and Their Winning Systems

Tips and Strategies - Craps Pros and Their Winning Systems

Be smart, play smart, and learn how to play craps the right way!

In my other article, Winning Systems, I address the fact that there’s no such thing as a long-term craps “winning system” for the player. It’s a mathematical fact that a player cannot gain an advantage over the house by using only statistical averages. Trends do not exist in the game of craps. Trends exist in the game of roulette, may it be American or European, but they’re different altogether. American roulette has fewer distinct advantages than European roulette, yet the game is still vastly more profitable. Why? It’s easier to control the game of craps than roulette.

A craps player can get an edge by having a personal playing strategy, or system. The player knows the house advantage on all bets, and can play bets which offer a relatively even playing field. Casino bankrolls are easier to protect than player bankrolls. The player can therefore make bets with a lower casino advantage. Since most bets carry a house advantage of around 2.6% (Dewatogel), the player can often withdraw most bets before losing too much to the house.

The true advantage of playing craps online is that you can play all of the classic bets, including some “super bets” such as the All-in bet on the come-out roll. You can also play advanced bets, such as the Free Odds bet, which offers a bonus of free money if the dice hits a seven or eleven on the come-out roll. And you can play bets like The Turn, which puts the come-out roll in the context of the entire game and allows you to make a prediction as to what the next roll will be. All of these bets offer relatively even odds, so you don’t have to play all odds in order to make a profit. Far from it. By placing only even odds bets with your craps strategy, you can play for long periods on relatively small bets and still stay in the game.

Where to Play

Where you play your craps strategy is the most important question. In order to have a general guide for playing craps, you need to know which bets are the most profitable for you to make. Unless you are playing the lowest denomination bets, such as the Pass Line or Don’t Pass, you will be at a disadvantage compared to a player who plays the correct betting strategy. Since you don’t take a percentage of the bets you pass, you will not be able to make any money that way. A Pass Line bet with no Field is the best bet in the casino. Almost every table at every casino has some Field bets, but you should look for the lowest denomination table before you make your bets. With the right craps strategy, you can take almost any bet and turn it into a low denomination bet with a high payoff if the dice hit the far numbers, (i.e., 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10). Field bets that don’t hit the numbers on the come-out roll are more profitable than other bets that just miss the number.

If you want to play craps strategically, you also need to know the pass and don’t pass odds for each number. You can’t make a craps strategy card for every situation, so you need to know the odds of a certain number hitting when you make your bet. If the number is 2, 3, 7, 11, and 12, for example, you know that on a 12th roll, the number will again come up, so you can bet $2 on this number if you think it will come up again. As well, you can bet $1 on the number if you think it will come up in the next roll or $2 if you don’t care if the number comes up. The same for the 8, the 9, and the 10.

Now you need to know how much to bet for each of these bets. For the pass line bet on the come-out roll, you need to bet $5. For the don’t pass bet on the come-out roll, you need to bet $6. The $6 bet covers seven numbers, and therefore, $5 can cover 14 numbers. However, you only have three rolls to make your $5 bet, so if you bet first and don’t come out a winning roll, you lose your $6 bet. So you need to reverse the role of the 9 and the 10. If you bet first, you only have to lose $3 instead of $5. And even though the role of the 9 and the 10 is reversed, the 11 is still the banker, so you’d still lose $1 instead of $3.

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